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Be a Math Champion to a 2nd Grader

Volunteer tutors are needed for Medford's 2nd Grade Math Tutor program.  You can help build math skills and boost the confidence of a 2nd grader who needs just that extra bit of attention to help them succeed in math.  During the tutoring sessions, math concepts are reinforced through practice and games.  Sessions are scheduled for 30-45 minutes, two times a week.

Tutor training is provided and interested volunteers should sign up now to be included in the tutor training session being held in October.

All community members are encouraged to apply - volunteers from last year included college and high school students, senior citizens, working professionals, and parents.  For additional information, please send an email to

Medford School Volunteers is a community-based group working to support Medford Public Schools through volunteers and resources.


Thank you to 2012-13 math tutor volunteers!

We want to thank all of the volunteers who gave so generously of their time during the 2012-13 school year.  

2nd Grade Math Tutors 2012-2013

Janice DeIorio

Raveena Longia

Callie Todhunter

Ellen Epstein

Joey Hamill

Alexandra Gerouki

Charlotte Morse

Fred Aluia

Jack Feely

Tim Wright

Hellen Raiol

Claire Dickson

Etienne Le

Christine Murphy

Eileen Herman-Haase

Linda Rogers

Cambia Davis

Gretchen Brown

Daniel Contardo

Debbie Veneziano

Isabelle Thibault

Patty Thibault

Jill Sirois

Joyce Huang

Ryan Keene

Matt Freedman

Cheryl Behan

Sandra Bennet

Nancy Ryan

Mary Ellen Stanton

Michelle Ciccolo

Noam Yaffe

Lisa Bryant

Teacher Resource Room Wins Emerald Award from the City of Medford

Medford School Volunteers is proud to announce that the Teacher Resource Room has won a special award from the City of Medford.  During the first annual Medford Green Awards, a special "Emerald Award" was given to the Teacher Resource Room.    The Emerald Award "is for an organization or person whose actions are environmentally friendly and help conserve energy or resources for the community at large."

Although the main purpose of the room is to support elementary classroom teachers in Medford Public Schools, the efforts of collecting these materials also is helping the environment by reusing materials that might otherwise be thrown away.

Thanks go to all of the volunteers who help to pick up and organize resources; the businesses and individual community members who donate items.  And thanks to Medford Public Schools for supporting the concept and partnering with Medford School Volunteers to facilitate the program.

The Teacher Resource Room opened last year and is available to Kindergarten to 5th grade classroom teachers to "shop" for free materials for their classrooms.  These materials include: office supplies; art supplies; games; puzzles; paper products (posterboard, construction paper, cardboard, tubes, etc.); and a wide variety of other items.  

All items in the room are found via Freecycle or via businesses or community members who make a donation of materials to the room.  For example, when an business moves, often times they have letterhead and envelopes they no longer need.  Or they may have binders that are no longer in use but are still clean and in good condition.   These are all items which can be used by classroom teachers.  

For more details on this year's Green Awards, you can look here:

City of Medford website

Medford Transcript

Medford Patch